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One of the best belly dancing web sites, with poetry, translated song lyrics, a glossary of belly dancing terms, tips and tricks, finger cymbal rhythms, Egyptian goddesses, and much more. www.shira.net

Turkey's most experienced music & dance travel companies ;
Turkishbellydance and Caravanturkey are proud of serving dance travellers all over the world since 1996. www.turkishbellydance.net

MEDANZ is the Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand, a non-profit Incorporated Society for dancers and enthusiasts. Middle Eastern Dance is a term, which includes a number of dances, which originated around the Mediterranean and North Africa. It is often known as "belly dance" in the West. www.medanz.org.nz
Belly dancing is a low impact form of exercise and fitness; also a great source of self expression. Women of all ages can enjoy belly dancing and reap the benefits of the exercise. Find all your information here. www.bhuz.com
Information of interest about Middle Eastern Dance (raqs) with a NZ focus. www.raqs.co.nz
The official site of Oriental dancer Salome. Features directories of Belly Dance instructors and Belly Dance events, Arabic song lyrics, articles, guest stories, star interviews, and Forum for Belly Dancers. www.orientaldancer.net
Amera's Palace is an exclusive boutique for belly dancers and lovers of everything Middle Eastern. Established in 1988 by Amera Eid, Master Oriental Dance teacher and international exponent of the ageless art of belly dance. www.ameraspalace.com.au
Resources on where and how to start bellydancing instruction and classes. How to find a teacher, instructor on duty, a costume, accessories, music, videos, DVDs, a place to perform or watch bellydancing and more. www.learn-to-belly-dance.com
Free pictures of Middle Eastern dance costumes, raqisat. Arabic, turkish belly dance legends like Shauq and Tahia Carioca www.belly-dance.org
Dance Information Site www.ketisharif.com